New-Quail Club and Walk on Quail Hunts at VNSP

New at Vernon National- Quail Hunting and dedicated Quail fields!

A few ways to enjoy some great quail hunting right here in Central New York.

Quail Club- Enjoy quail hunting with your dog, we put out your birds as you schedule – minimum 50 bird purchase

Pheasant Menbers- per season : 50-150 birds- $13 ea, 150-250- $11.50 ea, 250+, $10 ea ( pre-pay minimum required)

New Quail only members- per season : 50-150 birds $15 ea, 150-250 birds, $13.50, 250+, $12 ea

Walk- on Hunts- min 10 birds, $20 bird, discounts on 25+ birds

Call us to schedule a hunt or to join!

315-796-4587, Ron


1 thought on “New-Quail Club and Walk on Quail Hunts at VNSP”

  1. Thanks for hosting the NRA/Congress Woman visit.
    It is not something this area offers for the ‘little man’ to chat and hear directly from people of their level.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for all the individual attention you provide.

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