Sporting Clays Course, Ranges Open Saturday, March 21st for the season!

Happy Spring!

With all that is going on, we hope that we can provide a little break and an opportunity to be outdoors! We will be opening the Sporting Clays course this weekend – public and members welcome!
We understand that during this time, extra precautions need to be taken to deal the  climate caused by the Covid-19 virus, and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

We will implement  the CDC recommended guidelines and ask all to help in our effort to provide a safe and clean environment. The pro-shop will be open but the kitchen and lodge area will be closed. We also ask that only a few people come into pro-shop at any given time.

Please help us in following the CDC guidelines and recommended practices for the range :

  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet between persons
  • Employees and guests practice appropriate hygiene measures, including regular, thorough hand washing
  • regularly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces

As it applies to the range, we will ask that the additional precautions be taken:

  • Golf cart rentals will be limited at this time, only 1-2 people to each cart
  •  Maximum group size together should be kept to 6
  • Hand sanitizer will be availible at entry/exit to pro-shop, please USE!
  • Only one person from squad  should handle the target card
  •  Only 1-2 people designated in group to handle controller
  • Sanatizing wipes will be available at stations on the course

Additional steps we will take as staff members include all above as well as wiping down surfaces frequently, bathrooms will be cleaned every couple hours, wiping down range equipment (controllers and card readers)throughout the day.
Please watch email and facebook posts for updates and we will continue to keep you informed.
IF YOU are sick or have been in the last 24 hours, please DO NOT COME out!
Please call us with any questions 315-829-2529 or 315-280-4266.
Thank you!Vernon National Crew

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