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New Guns (Check back for entire list) updated 11/26/21

Vernon National Gun List

New and Used Guns in Stock – check back often for updates!

If there  is something on the list you want to see, try or need more information on,  you can come in or call us , Range 315-829-2529, Cell 315-796-4587 or 315-272-6211. We have  open hours at the Pro-shop and range Wednesday – Sunday.

Benelli, Beretta, Browning, Caesar Guerini, SKB and More! Shotguns -Over and unders, semi-automatic and SxS from field guns to sporting clays guns – and exclusive – try before you buy! Great selection of new used rifles and handguns!

Large inventory of new and used shotguns and  rifles in stock now. More used inventory coming in every week!.


A bit of the inventory….
Sporting Guns
Over & Unders
Beretta 694 12 ga/30″
Bettinsoli Omega Sport 12 ga/30″
Bettinsoli Omega Sport 12 ga/32″
Browning CXT – Trap model 12 ga/30″
Caesar Guerini Summit 12ga, 30″
Caesar Guerini Summit Limited 12 ga, 32″
Rizzini BR110 12ga/30″
Rizzini Round Body 12 ga/32″
SKB 90TSS 20ga/30″
Semi -Auto Guns
Benelli Ethos Sport 12 ga/ 28″
Benelli ethos Sport 28 ga/28″
Benelli Super Sport 20ga/28″ (2)
Benelli Super Sport28ga/28″
Beneilli Montefeltro 12 ga/30″
Beretta A300 Ultima 12ga/26″
Beretta A300Ultima 20ga/26
FabArms L4S 12 ga/30″
Benelli SBEIII 12ga/28″ – Black (3)
Benelli SBEIII 12/28″ – Camo (3)
Fabarms XLR Waterfowler 12ga/26″
Franchi Affinity 3.5 12ga/28″
Franchi Affinity 20ga/26″
Stoeger M3500 12ga/28″- Camo
Stoeger M3500 12ga/28″- Camo, Waterfowler
Syren, Fausti , Beretta, Fabarms and MORE !

Rifles and Pistols Too!

30 thoughts on “New Guns (Check back for entire list) updated 11/26/21”

  1. I have the following guns for sale, would you be interested in any of them:
    12 Ga Shot Gun Semiauto Remington 11/87 Special Purpose PC225135
    12 Ga Shot Gun O/U Rottweil Model 650 B03701
    308 Cal Rifle Sako Forester Mannlicher AII334298
    .30-.30 Cal Rifle Winchester Model 94 3695796
    243 Cal Rifle Sako Forester? AII332591

  2. The best gun shop in the state. Ron and his son Jared are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They “go the extra distance” to help their customers. This is a great gun shop- keep it up guys!-George

  3. Looking for a Beretta A400 Extreme Unico black synthetic, mfr sku J40XD18. BerettaUSA’s dealer finder turns up lots of stores whose websites have little to no Beretta inventory to even see, much less this model. Would you happen to have one I could rent and try a round of trap, like test-driving a car or trying on shoes before making the purchase? I live an hour west of Syracuse, so if an appointment is needed early afternoon would work best for me. Thanks!

  4. looking 4 what was mine winchester 94 .32 with rear pop up sight they were hand made. rear stock was also done as it had a ship broken out sentimental value to me. also i would want my shotgun rem. 870 with my scope till on it they were sold by mistake when vernon shooting range man down to buy my guns. to tell the truth, i’m looking for my 20 ga. rem. which was camo in cloth type camo plus my wolf muzzle loader with scope on it .my e-mail will not work so call me at 518 895 2381 with any infor. leave a mess. if no answer . i sure as hell will get back to u thank u all that reads this and maybe bought them from thr store two or three years ago

  5. i’m sure u have a record of all guns sold in your store and to whom bought them. it’ s the law. i would like the names to who you sold these guns to. winchester94 32 lever action,has side sight pop up peep holes. a wolf muzzle loader with scope,a rem. 20 gauge that has cloth camo tape on it .and a rem. 870 shot gun with scope from walmart. would like to get them back please. i can’t get into my e- mail no matter what i try, so a letter showing me the names and phone numbers of the people who have them would be greatly appreciated. mailing address here is 170 cole rd. delanson ,ny 12053 or call me at 518 895 2381 leave msg. if no answer please.

  6. Interested in the New England 10ga shot gun list. What condition, price etc. Do you ship to my FFL?
    Tell everything you can about this gun. Is it for sale?

  7. Hi looking for Ruger Mini 14 Rancher in Stainless and Synthetic or the Mini 14 Target Stainless and Synthetic which I believe has a longer barrel..thank you..Jon

    1. I do not have one now but i just got a Remington 700 in 30-06, and i have two different Browning X-Bolts in 30-06

      call us 315-829-2529

  8. i am interested in the m1 garand national match and in need of a case 20 ga sheet rounds will try and call tomorrow for appointment

  9. I am interested in buying a left hand Benelli, Beretta or Fabram. I would prefer a 20 gauge.

    In purchasing that gun, I would like you to consider a few trade in shotguns that I have.

    Do you have the ability to order particular shotguns from Benelli, Beretta or Fabram?

    Please let me know.
    Ed Dunn

  10. Hello — I wanted to make an appointment, possibly for tomorrow, July 28, to take a look at the Benelli black eagle left hand model you have in stock. I also have some trade ins. I live in Marcellus and could be there quickly.
    Please let me know what is convenient.
    Thank you,
    Ed Dunn

  11. Hello, looking to buy a Browning BLR Stainless, the non takedown model, chambered in 270 winchester, but Im having a hard time finding one

  12. Good afternoon, Do you have gunsmith services onsite? I would like to refurbish and upgrade my stock and have it fitted. I have a Weatherby Orion O/U 12g.. thanks

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