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All hunters and their guests are expected to understand and abide by the rules at all times. If ever in doubt, please ask.

  1. All hunters must check in prior to the hunt and check out before departure.
  2. Some blaze orange required. Safety glasses and ear protection is suggested, mandatory for continental shoot.
  3. Reservations must be made in advance.
  4. Absolutely NO alcohol prior to or during the hunt.
  5. Hunters and their dogs must remain in their designated area at all times. No trespassing on adjoining property or switching fields without permission – check at the desk.
  6. Guns must be unloaded until hunters reach their assigned area, and must be unloaded prior to leaving the area. Shot size is limited to #5, #6, # 7 ½ and smaller. 12 gauge shells shall be no longer than 2 ¾ inches. Smaller gauges shall be no longer than 3 inches. These limitations apply to field hunts and European shoots.
  7. No shooting toward buildings.
  8. No shooting within 50 feet of any public roadway.
  9. Cancellations (except due to snow storms) must be made 24 hours prior to hunt or your account will be charged for the release requested.
  10. There is a 5 pheasant minimum release per adult gun.
  11. No ground shooting of birds. (Blue sky rule.)
  12. Members are responsible for making guests aware of all club rules, safety regulations and must make sure that release and waiver form is sighed.
  13. Sportsmanlike conduct is expected at all times. Owners reserve the right to cancel a membership with no refund for any conduct deemed inappropriate.
  14. Guides must be arranged at least the day prior to the hunt & must be done through the club. There will be a $50.00 charge for failing to cancel within 24 hours. Tipping is encouraged.
  15. No guest may hunt without a member present. Unlimited guests and guest visits are allowed
  16. Memberships are not transferable or redeemable. Your membership will be revoked if you allow your card to be used by anyone other than yourself.
  17. All memberships must have 50% deposit with the balance paid in full before Sept 1. May result in loss of membership unless otherwise agreed by management.
  18. All prepaid birds are required to be used by January 15th of hunting year unless prior arrangements are made at additional cost.
  19. Dogs must be kenneled then leashed until entering hunting zone.
  20. Shooting of non-preserve wildlife is prohibited
  21. Please do your best retrieving spent hulls.