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Pistol Shooting Instruction

Private pistol shooting instruction is offered by NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Art Coriale. Art offers private instruction for beginner to advanced shooters, as well as the NRA Basic Pistol Course, which is necessary to obtain a pistol permit in most counties.

Art has been shooting pistols competitively for nearly 38 years. Art is extremely knowledgeable and is dedicated to empowering others to safely and confidently handle and shoot a pistol. As an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and a private shooting instructor, he has helped countless men and women achieve their personal goals.

Those interested in pistol shooting instruction or taking the NRA Basic Pistol Course should contact Art Coriale at 315-225-3245 or email him at

The pistol range at Vernon National Shooting Preserve is an indoor/outdoor range. There is a well ventilated, heated and lighted indoor shooting area that can be used year round.

Private pistol shooting instruction in CNY

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  1. How much is the pistol course and does it include getting your license? Does it include practice at the range? Can you come and pay for just the day or need to be a member?

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