Sunday Sub-gauge Shoot Results

Thank you to our shooters who came out to shoot the sub-gauge shoot today.

HOA – Russ Palmer, 28 gauge, score of 48- nice round, congratulations! ( in all fairness his shooting partner wanted me to note that he borrowed the 28 gauge he shot..,)

High 20 gauge (station 9-16)- Paul Marzella, score of 42, second was Russ Palmer with 32 third ¬†was a tie Tony pettinelli, Miles Hyenderson with 31’s,

High 28/410 course (station 1-8)- Russ Palmer, 48. Second Mark Modzeleski, 45, third Dennis Carter, 44.5 (SxS)

If you weren’t here to pick up prizes stop in this week!

Thank you all!

Reminder to all- VNSP is open Monday, July 3rd, CLOSED Tuesday, July 4th, open as always for mbers


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