All Ranges Closed for Weekend

All ranges and pro-shop are Closed Saturday, November 16th and Sunday, November 17th for opening weekend of deer season. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

1 thought on “All Ranges Closed for Weekend”

  1. Hi Darcy

    If you have a member email list for announcements and you put Lisa and I on It? My email is

    Also we are doing 25 pheasants for the morning of the 24th Sunday with 5 people. Do you think we would be in the Island? 25 birds times the member rate of 28 is $700. Is that right? If we wanted to add a small lunch for 5 after the hunt how much would that be?

    Thank you!

    Dan Holliman and Lisa Reissig
    Cell: 315.395.7400

    Dan Holliman and Lisa Reissig

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